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Performance Management Series - Process

Problem Problem Solving and Process Capability Workshop

Course Length: 24 hours

The objective of the Problem Problem Solving and Process Capability Workshop is to provide participants with an advanced opportunity to solve problems using a systematic problem solving process that includes an understanding of process capability. The workshop includes presentation of concepts, classroom discussion and hands-on learning during which teams of participants will apply the problem solving tools in the course of operating a mechanical device in order to identify sources of variation and reduce the variation to improve the accuracy of the device in performing a function.

Course Schedule (Typical): 




First Day

Module 1

Use a Check Sheet to record data

Create a simple Flowchart

Use the 5 Whys

Create a Cause and Effect Diagram


Module 2

Create a Histogram

Construct a Run Chart

Construct a Pareto Chart


Module 3

Use Brainstorming and Nominal Group Technique

Create a Force Field Analysis

Use an Action Matrix

Create a Scatter Diagram

Second Day

Module 4

Explain the concept of Process Capability

Explain the difference between Cp and CpK

Calculate Cp and CpK



Module 5

Review Process Capability concepts

Conduct a Process Capability Study

Explain the relationship between problem solving tools to Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Explain the six basic principles of Statistical Process Control

Third Day


(1/2day session)

Module 5

Explain the six basic principles of Statistical Process Control

Describe the types of control charts (Variable and Attribute)


Interpret SPC charts

This course can be customized to include examples or case studies from your your company's product or manufacturing environment.

For a free quote or for more information on this course, email us at info@aps-online.net or call Greg Pancerev at 610-987-4050



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